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The laser has four main characteristics: high brightness, high direction, high monochromatic and high coherence.


High brightness of laser: the brightness of a solid laser can be as high as 1011W / cm2Sr. Moreover, a laser beam with high brightness can focus on thousands of degrees or tens of thousands of degrees near the focus, which makes it possible to process almost all materials.


High directivity of laser: high directivity of laser enables it to transmit long distance effectively while ensuring high power density for focusing. These two points are important conditions for laser processing.


The high monochromatic characteristics of the laser: the high monochromatic nature of the laser ensures that the beam can focus accurately on the focus, and the high power density is obtained.


The high coherence of the laser: coherence mainly describes the phase relation of the various parts of the light wave. It is the singular characteristics of lasers which have been widely used in industrial processing.


The laser has been widely applied to laser welding, laser cutting, laser drilling (including oblique hole, hole, plaster punch, tipping paper punching, punching, drilling and other packaging and printing plate), laser quenching, laser heat treatment, laser marking, glass engraving, laser trimming, laser lithography, laser deposition, laser processing, laser film packaging, laser repair circuit, laser technology, laser cleaning and other wiring.


holographic film holographic film wholesale